Brand – Who you are in words, pictures and stuff that interacts

Online Brand – Your brand, on the internet

Website – A collection of related web pages that lives on the internet and talks to the world about you

Microsite – A mini-website, usually supplementary to your core website and often with a particular purpose (Promote a new product, launch an event or just simply get more of you out the on the web)

Newsletter – A micro-site delivered through email

Content Management – An idea and a set of tools that puts you in control of your website

Web Application – A website with a brain. It can store information, process information and support transactions and provide a rich and interactive user experience while doing so

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Clearscape is a digital design agency focusing on the following areas. Online Branding, Website Design and Development, Web Technology Design and Development

We help you create and develop your online brand.

We design and build online artifacts including websites, microsites, newsletters, online adds.

We design and build web applications

We develop products. Our key product is Control One, a Content Management System.

A brand is a statement that embodies your values. It communicates who you are and what you can do for your customers.

At Clearscape we help companies make this statement with particular emphasis on the online channel.

A website is your brand at the coal-face. A website is part of your business living online.

For many companies it is the primary communication channel and the first and last resort for interacting with your customers.

Mostly we use our heads. We also use Adobe Creative Studio (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash).

Our technical development is primarily based on the Microsoft .Net framework. Our rich media work is executed using Adobe Flash and Micrsoft Silverlight.